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Character MEME
1. Roy Mustang
2. Edward Elric
3. Germany
4. Alois Trancy
5. Riza Hawkeye
6. Light Yagami
7. Matt
8. Mello
9. Ryuk
10. GreedLing

(not my order of favorite characters, just a random ordering~)

1. Nice to meet them. Guess what, ten is going to marry four in a marriage arranged by one. How would this end up like?

GreedLing/Alois Trancy by Mustang.

Well, Greed might like it because he likes sex, and Alois is a gay whore...

So GreedLing is at the alter, just bein' Greed, ya know, chillin' and pimpin'... then suddenly a wild Alois appears! He's all, "Oh, Greed, when we get married, let's have lots and lots of sex!" and he's wearing a scandalously short white dress, right? Then Greed says, "Shit. I thought it was a girl," cuz Alois has a tiny boner sticking out of his short dress. And he'll try to get out of it.

Décor (by Roy): Fire. Lots and lots of fire. And statues of Greek and Roman goddesses in little to no clothing. Preferably, they, too, would be on fire.

2. Seven decides to crash it. Reaction?

Matt (what is this madness?)

Greed would say "Pfft, f*ck yeah, bitch, take 'em!" And Matt would swipe Alois away to teach him and Mello how to have gay sex.
Mustang would be slightly sad, because his beautiful black hair/blonde hair fantasies would once more be crushed...

3. Five finds out that he/she is of the opposite gender. How does two react?

Hawkeye & Ed

Hawkeye wakes up one morning after a long night of paperwork and overtime to find that she has a schlong which is over 9000 feet long and falling out of her nightgown (i don't know, either.)
Ed would walk in, take one look, then turn around and vomit in the nearest bathroom/trash can *coughalphonsecough*

4. Eight and nine suddenly get turned into food. What type of food are they and what happens?

Mello & Ryuk

Mello= Chocolate and Ryuk= Apples, OBVIOUSLY.

And they would find a way to fap and eat themselves (non-sexually) at the same time.

5. Six decides to go to a strip club and finds three, one and two stripping with Miley Cyrus. Reaction?

Light walks in on Germany, Roy, and Ed stripping with Miley Cyrus

Light shrugs. Well, he thinks, it honestly seems like---- Then he notices Ed's single metal testicle. His eyes grow wide, and, realizing Ed is preoccupied, begins doing nasty things.
Roy notices and burns him to a crisp.
Germany is too busy dancing on a pole to notice.

I love all 3 of them XD

6. Anyway, authorities break in and arrest three, one and two. Two gets deported to Fiji because the stupid policeman thought he was from Oceania. Now what do any of these ten or people from your selected fandom/fic/whatever do about it?

Germany, Roy and Ed get busted and Ed gets sent to Fiji.
But wait. Isn't the biggest whore here Miley?
Roy smooth-talks the female officers into arresting Miley Cyrus. Then, him and Germany fly away on adventure rainbows to save ed.

7. So, seven is walking along the city streets, minding his own business whenever he mauled by a pack of unicorns and then further flatten by a giant pancake that randomly falls from the sky. What does eight do to save him?

Matt is walking the streets and get mauled by a pack a unicorns then flattened by a pancake…..and Mello has to save him.
I think not.

Mello gives Matt a blow job while waiting for him to wake up.

8.Anyway, Ten, nine, two and four are sitting around eating breakfast when four suddenly wins a free beer and cake tour of Austria (the greatest country on Earth next to Canada and Amestris), except he has to take nine, ten and two with him. How does this end up?

Greedling, Ryuk, Ed, and Alois...

Alois wins the trip. But, since Greed allowed him to be abducted by Matt, and they can't see Ryuk, then Alois attempts to murder Greed several times on the trip, and fails each time. Ryuk laughs.

9. So, despite their different, nine, ten, two and four are at the airport getting checked by the security like they always do these days since 9/11. Two gets pulled out and patted down because the idiotic security guard thought that she/he might be hiding some weaponry. What does she/he do?


He starts to explain that he has an arm, a leg, and a testicle made of automail, but they don't believe him. So he strips to show them. Bad idea.

10. Whatever she/he did, it really pissed off a lot of the other homeland security agents. So they decide to ship two off to Haerbin, China, a rural area of northeastern China that borders Russia and is among one of the crappiest places in China. What does two or anyone else do?

Ed wonders if it will be too cold for his automail to work.

11. So, anyway, nine, four and ten were walking along the streets of Salzburg when three gets robbed by a Gypsy. What does nine do?


Pulls out a pencil and writes like a mofo.

12. Well, that was awkward. Nine, four and ten decide to go on the Vienna Wine Trail, which tours about 700 wineries and vineyards. The three of them get totally wasted. They wake up in Museum Moderner Kunst (Museum of Modern Art), and they find that in their drunkenness they have dismantled a priceless Romantic-era masterpiece that had just been recovered from being destroyed by the Nazi Regime. Which one is most likely the one that dismantled it, why and what the hell are they going to do?

Ryuk, Alois, and Greed...

Alois.Because he is Alois. Greed is gonna get the hell outta there, Ryuk is gonna eat some apples, and Alois will cry for Claude.

13. Well, that was stupid of them. So the Austrian authorities have had enough of these three and ship them off to Haerbin where two is. The four of them meet up with two and rest of the ten and they have a karaoke party on the frozen, industrial polluted river in frigid, minus twenty degree temperature! So, they get drunk on hardcore vodka!

Oh, mai~

14. Alright, what did your bastards do this time? Turns out in their drunkenness they broke into a nuclear research facility and had launched a nuke at the capital of Iran. NOT. GOOD. Pretty much the entire Middle East declares war on China, Japan, US, Canada and the EU the very next day, turning into World War III with nukes flying everywhere. Seeing as your lucky ten are to blame since they can't hold their liquor, what do they do?

Greed says, "Well. We're screwed."
Mustang attempts some kind of heroics and dies in Ed's arms.
Alois bawls. TT^TT
Germany facepalms.
Hawkeye kills herself after seeing Roy's death.
Light attempts to use it----- wait, he's dead already. Nevermind.
Matt and Mello buttfuck.
And Ryuk goes back to the Shinigami Realm, muttering something about boredom.

15. Well, whatever they did, it didn't end well for them.  Celebrate the utter death of your OCs and the Nuclear Holocaust by tagging any amount of people!! And thanks for playing! If you aren't going to tag anyone, what does your OCs have to say about this meme?

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